21-22/02 – SIE EDU 2019

Conference Rationale

The demand for Electronic Engineers continues to be very strong. However the supply of graduates is not meeting the needs and an unprecedented shortage of Electronic Engineers is taking place all over Europe and, for the first time, in Italy, too. The Workshop brings together representatives of electronic industries, engineering and consulting companies, professionals and academia to discuss the training needs in higher education and to define actions to meet such needs.

Evolutions and innovations in University programs will be discussed together with the new challenges posed by the increasing international mobility of students, the needs to widen technical education to multi-disciplinary approaches and to improve soft skills. On the other hand, coordination and specific actions are needed to fill the gap on the demand side, to promote the Electronic sector among high school students, their teachers and parents, and women, and to make professional careers more attractive.

Sessions and Panel Discussions will be devoted to:

  • The shortage of Electronic Engineers and the demand from industrial and service sectors.
  • BSc tracks: shaping ready-to-use professionals or graduates with solid-background?
  • MSc tracks: ready-to-use super-specialist or all-round solutionist? what is the job market seeking?
  • PhD programs for the next generation of researchers and innovators.
  • The professional career of Electronic Engineers in Italy.


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