Giornata del dottorato sui Materiali Avanzati

PhD of Industrial Engineering
Research activities on Advanced Materials
8 Giugno 2015 – Aula Convegni di Ingegneria

9:30 Roberto Montanari Introduction

9:35 Stefano Cordiner – Curriculum of Mechanical Engineering

9:50 Giuseppe Leo Guizzi– Curriculum of Energy Engineering

10:05 Ivan Davoli – Curriculum of Materials Science and Technology Scientific contributions

10:20 Claudio Verona Synthetic diamond and related devices

10:35 Mauro Casalboni Device and structure fabrication with soft lithography and additive manufacturing

10:50 Ivan Vito Ferrari Ionic membranes for electro-chemical technologies: microbatteries and micro fuel cells.

11:05 Coffee break

11:30 Ekaterina Pakhomova W coatings for nuclear fusion applications

11:45 Alessandra Varone Microstructural investigations on metal melts

12:00 Alessio Mattoccia Layered Double Hydroxides (LDH) nanostructures: a brief  overview

12:15 Gabriele Lapi Metal foams: production, characterization and applications

12:30 Matteo Cesaroni Comparision between traditional welding techniques and welding techniques at high energy density

12:45 S. Kaciulis (CNR) Surface electron spectroscopies: principles and applications

13:00 Pausa pranzo

14:15 Denise Bellisario Shape memory polymers and composites

14:30 Martina Romani Materials and methods for cultural heritage

14:45 Michele Potenza Thermal diffusivity of sintered steels

15:00 Rosa Maria Montereali (ENEA) Solid state luminescent radiation imaging detectors based on LiF crystals
and thin films

15:15 Claudio Testani (CSM) Manufacturing and characterization of ODS-RAFM Steel

15:30 Liliana D’Amico Soft lithography for diffractive microfabrication

15:45 Roberto Montanari Concluding remarks