25/05 – “Big Solar – Meting the Energy/Climate Challenge” webinar

LCA of PV Class/Management Engineering



with Dr. Richard Perez, State University of New York at Albany

Tuesday 25 May 2021 4:00 pm

Link to the Webinar:



The presentation will explore fundamental technical, economic and policy question about solar energy and its suitability to effectively displace conventional resources.

·        Can solar energy power [almost] everything?

·        What when the sun does not shine?

·        How about cloudy winter months?

·        Is there enough land available?

·        Will solar & renewables bankrupt the economy?

·        Are current practices, policies, and regulations optimal?

As we must embark on a massive switch away from fossil energy sources, sensible and actionable answers to these questions will be presented taking New York State as a case study.

Richard Perez leads solar energy research at U. Albany’s ASRC. He has served multiple terms on the board of the American Solar Energy Society and as associate editor of Solar Energy Journal. He has produced over 250 journal articles, conference papers, books & chapters. He holds patents on energy storage, and load management using PV. He has received several international awards including a Certificate for Outstanding Research from the US Department of Energy, American Solar’ Charles Greeley Abbot Award; the First International Building and Daylight Award from the Velux Foundation, and International Solar Society’s Farrington Daniels Award, for outstanding contributions in science, technology and engineering of solar energy applications which lead to enhancing our world and the conditions of human kind.