ICT and Internet Engineering

Cultural Area
Great knowledge of Information and Communication technologies as a basis for the modern Internet systems with particular reference to: data collection, survey and processing methodologies and systems; architectures, technologies and protocols for data transfer and supply on cabled and via radio infrastructures; users and data management and protection techniques and solutions; system design and development methodologies; mobile terminals distributed applications and Internet services.

Activity Area
Internet architecture; Internet software; Data transfer and supply; Location Systems, remote sensing, radiofrequency identification, monitoring, surveillance and sensing; Architectures and protocols design methodologies for fixed and mobile telecommunications networks; Transmission methodologies, multimedia data communication and processing; Systems and optical networks processing, satellite networks, radio mobiles, mobiles, LAN and MAN methodologies; Web and Internet services and applications design; Mobile terminals applications development; Data and infrastructures communication, network and transfer systems management; Users, network infrastructure and data protection and security; Data analysis and knowledge management.

Job and Career Outlook
Web-based systems, services and applications design; ICT technologies, integration for web enterprises, energy, health, transports, security; Telecommunications structures and remote environmental sensing systems; Management of mobile and fixed network infrastructures; Telecommunications Marketing; E-Commerce; Enterprise and ICT projects management.