23/02 – Sustainability in Operations. Amazon virtual event

This event will happen on the 23rd of February at 18.30 Amazon is organizing it for out max investment schools. It will be all about Sustainability and how is Amazon making sure to hit targets for the next years to become 0 net carbon.

Are you currently studying? Are you just about to graduate? Would you love to build, invent and pioneer on a high-performance team that is passionate about operational excellence? If so, Amazon Operations is the right place for you! We invite you to join our virtual Event: “Sustainability in Operations”, where you can learn how the topic sustainability is approached at Amazon.


21/01 – Amazon Coffee Chat with Tor Vergata

da placement.uniroma2.it


Giovedì 21 gennaio 2021
ore 10.30

live su WebEx

“Are you currently studying and/or you just about to graduate? Would you like to find out more what it means working in a managerial position at Amazon coming straight out of University?

The topic for this 1st Coffee Chat is: Managerial positions for Fresh Grads – a zoom into the Area Manager and Shift Manager position.

This is what your ex colleague Pietro Quagliarini did! He started his  journey at Amazon, after graduating from the Tor Vergata University.

This is an informal event, where you will directly hear from Pietro what it takes to become Shift Manager at Amazon: he will share his  experience and talk about their daily life at Amazon.

We are excited to have you join us for this event – build your knowledge, fuel your curiosity, and learn more about Operations!

As we open this event for Italian and foreign students, the event will be in English”

REGISTER NOW: https://coffeechattorvergataareamanage.splashthat.com/