“Chinese investments in Europe, a need for reciprocity”: a one-day seminar at Rome

The oneday seminar “Chinese investments in Europe, a need for reciprocity” is addressed to companies, professionals and scholars interested in investigating nature and objectives of Chinese investments in Europe as well as in Italy, together with future trends, implications and opportunities for cooperation between Italian companies and Chinese investors.
The lectures, delivered by Italian and international academics, experts and representatives of the business community, will provide a unique opportunity for examining in depth Chinese Merger & Acquisition policies in Europe and in Italy, the need of ensuring a framework of reciprocity and, more generally, the rebalancing dynamics of economic and financial mutual relations, as well as to cope with the idea that China is actually the first beneficiary of the current state of exchanges.
The seminar is conducted in English language and is addressed to a maximum of 35 participants.

Roma, 13 gennaio 2017,  Centro Congressi Cavour, via Cavour 50/a

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